26/11/1982  SIMON LOWERY  20/01/2003

In Memory of Simon Lowery

I want to believe in a truth beyond our own - Hidden and obscured from all with the most sensitive eyes - In the endless procession of soul's - In what cannot and will not be destroyed -  I want to believe we are unaware - of Gods external recompense and sadness - That we cannot see his truth - but that which is born still lives - and cannot be buried in the cold earth - but only awaits to be born again at Gods behest -  where in ancient starlight we lay in pose.

This web page is dedicated to simon lowery who died as the result of a tragic accident

On the morning of thursday 16 January 2003 at Approximately 06:05 am Simon was travelling home on the b1228 when his car left the road and hit some bushes/small tree's, Simon was knocked unconscious on impact and the emergency services was soon on the scene to rescue him from the wreckage.

Simon was taken to YORK DISTRICT HOSPITAL  and was examined by doctors who then transferred him to LEEDS GENERAL INFIRMARY, on examination there the doctors realised that Simon was in a very poorly condition and his chances of regaining Consciouness was very slim, Simon was given 24 hour care and was monitored for any change in his condition, Sadly on Monday 20th January 2003 Simon passed away having never regained consciouness.

During Simons Stay in hospital there was a constant virgil by family and friends.

Simons Funeral took place at All Saints church, Pocklington on Wednesday 29th January 2003 and was followed by Interment at Pocklington Cemetery. Simon's funeral was attended by over 200 mourners and the flowers sent in was breathtaking plus the genorous after the service and a donation by His Employers York Mailing based at Elvington came to the magnificent sum of £550 which was donated to Ward 6 intensive care unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

Simon was a very confident young man with a free spirit and a very Jovial Character, he led a full life and had a passion for cars and motor bikes, playing pool, bowling and visiting the cinema with his girlfriend and his friends.

Evening Press Thursday 16 January  2003

Tree cash Man fight's for life.

A man was fighting for his life today after his car spun out of control and smashed into a tree on a country road near York, The 22 year old from Pocklington was trapped in his Nissan Primera car for more than 30 minutes after it's back end came to rest four feet up a tree beside Elvington Lane, close to the Rolawn headquarters on the fringes of Elvington.

Fire crews released the driver from his vehicle and he was taken by ambulance to York Hospital suffering from serious head inJuries, Traffic constable Steve Earnshaw told the evening press the accident had been reported by the driver of a car travelling in front of the Primera, he was unhurt but shocked.

TC Earnshaw said the driver had been travelling from York towards Elvington when his car went out of control at a bend in the road ending up going onto the wrong side of the carriageway and smashing into tree's. "The car was left four feet off the ground, half way up a tree" he said.

Drivers were being turned around by emergency crews and were taking diversions along hull road during today's morning rush hour, TC Earnshaw said the road was likely to reamin closed for between four to six hours, following the accident shortly after 6am this morning.

Pocklington Post 23/01/2003

Tribute to Young driver

A 20 year old local man who lost control of his car and hit a tree has lost his fight for life.

A 20 year old local man who lost control of his car and hit a tree has lost his fight for life, Simon Mark Lowery od Denison road , Pocklington died as a result of his injuries in Leeds General Hospital on Monday Night.

The accident happened last Thursday on the B1228 near Elvington when the grey Nissan Primera he was driving left the road around 6am, Fire and rescue crew's released him from the vehicle and he was taken to York district hospital having sustained serious head injuries, he was later transferred to Leeds General Hospital

A former woldgate school pupil, Simon worked as a printer at York Mailing in Elvington, His passions were his girlfriend Becky Solity, and his love for cars, playing pool, bowling and going to the cinema with his mates, friends have spoken of their grief following the tradegy, saying thier ives have been changed for ever, Simon's best friend Paul Thakery said " life will be hard without him, nothing will be the same - we will never forget him, losing him has taught us a lesson".

Relatives Nick and Sally Dyer said they have lost a treasured friend in Simon, who used to pkay with their daughter,         " Simon spent a lot of work and play tme with us and we will miss the laughter he brought to our house, esppecially Samantha our daughter whom he played with constantly.

Trish Eastoe, his aunt said " my memories of simon are of his cheeky smile, he was alway's jack the lad, but very good at heart" Simon's father Tony said simon's mobile would be left switched on for well wishes to send messages to their beloved friend, in a final message Mr Lowery added " let this be a lesson and drive stready".

A Funeral will be held for relatives and friends at all Saint's church Pocklington at 1pm on Wednesday 29th January 2003.

Taken from the obituary in the Pocklington post 13/03/2003

Simon Will be missed by many, but will never been forgotten. " you will always be in our thoughts as each day passes us by, we will love you forever, it is just goodnight not goodbye."

Organ Donation.

It was Simon's wish that should he die his organs should be used for transplants to give others a chance to lead a normal life and after simon died the hospital removed  his kidney's, liver and four heart valves, his heart valves was sent to a London Hospital to be saved for when they was needed.

Letter recieved from the Transplant Co-ordinator Yorkshire regions 27/01/2003

Again on behalf of myself and the transplant co-ordinators, may i offer condolences over the death of your son simon, this letter is the letter i
promised you on the phone which is intended to give you a few more details of the recipient's who benefitted from Simon's Donation.

Simon's Liver was transplanted into a 64 year old gentlemen here at St James in Leed's, he had been unwell for a number of months and had been suffering from Liver failure, He had been waiting for a liver since November 2002 and his condition had deteriorated  recently. I am pleased to inform you that he has made excellent progress following his transplant, he has been discharged from the intesive care unit and is now back on the live unit and his progress continues every day.

Simon's left kidney was used for a 36 year old single male who lives in the Manchester area, he has had chronic renal failure since the early 80's and has been having dialysis since this period, this is in fact his second transplant as his first transplant failed after 12 year's, again he is makiing excellent progress and is currently preparing for discharge home, Simon's right Kidney was used in the london area for a 38 year old man, again his kidney is functioning well and he no longer requires dialysis.

This Is a Letter recieved from the recipient of Simon's left Kidney.


We would like to send our heartfelt thanks for your wonderfull donation of a healthy and robust kidney to our son Steven. In your deepest hour of distress a part of your son live's on. Our son as been a very sick and poorly lad for 6 years, but has been transformed to full health in 3 days, Yopru boy's gift has been the supreme gift of life.

You have loved your son all his life, you will never forget him, we never knew your son, we will never forget him

Your's Sincerely 

( name's retained)

Letter recieved from the heart valve bank london 10/01/2004.

One of Simon's heart valve's was used in June for a one year old boy in the midland's area. the little lad had a congenital heart defect and required a new aortic Valve, he has recovered well from his surgery.





Ist Row Left  Simon School Photo:  right  Simon with Leanne. 2nd row left baby Si : right  cousin pete taking him for a ride, 3rd row left at the seaside with danny: right Si and Leanne. 4th row left Si on the karts on holiday: right Si on the kiddie's bike's 5th row left Dressed ready for school : right Simon waiting for the start of a race (pocklington runners) 6th row Si in his christning gown. below are photo's of the funeral flowers and wreath left at the scene one year on.





Simon's Guest Book.

If you would like to leave a comment on Simon's guest book please send a email with the subject simon and the message you want to leave to Simon@snell-online.co.uk and i will Add your message to the guest book.
88. Even though i was only little when you died, i still remember you like a big brother more than a cousin to me and that i loved you lot's, its been so different without your smile and your laughter. I go to your grave a lot with new flowers every time and remember how much i saw you to how little i do now xxx missin' you always Si xx ( Samantha Dyer, Cousin)
88. It never gets any easier, even after all these years, still say a prayer for you, always miss you mate and always in my heart and thoughts miss you so much.       xxxxx Foxy ( 20/01/2016)

87. 8 Years ago you was taken away from us, Love and miss you loads,  take care of nana for us till we meet again. lots of love  mum .

86. Happy birthday cuz!!! Hope the angel's are keeping you warm with all this snow around!!! lots of love  Nat.Arthur xx  26/11/2010.

85. Don't Seem real mate, those nights we used to spend together laughing and joking, i will never forget u and hope i see u again some day, i can not say how i feel about u, you were such a great friend  miss you   xxxxxx foxy.

84. miss you mate after all these year's, words can never say how much u still mean to me, i will never forget u x. Foxy

83. hey hun it now been 6 year's n i'm thinking and missing you loads  xxxxxxxxxxxxx 6 year's  Natalie Wilford ( cousin)

82.  6 year's today taken away from me thinking of you as always loe mum xx

81. Still mussing u as much as ever, but when i see your nephew Oliver simon i can see you in him, love you and always will Mum 6 years

80. Happy birthday  Si wud have been ur 26th 2day, can't stop thinking about u love u loads Natalie, Danielle and shane. xxxxxxxx 26/11/08

79. Happy Birthday Si. love you, miss you, you would have been 26 today, you also have a nephew 13 weeks old called Oliver Simon 26/11/08 mum, steve, leanne and cha.

78.  Five Years. it's five years today since we had to say goodbye, but time does not get better as people say, wish you was still here, lots of love and always with me love mum, steve and leanne.

77. Miss you,it is now five years since i last saw you and i really do miss you and wish you was still here.  Leanne

76. Happy christmas Simon all the best and i wish you was here to see my children and i never stop thinking of you, love ya lots Natalie   xxxx natalie walford (cousin)

75 Happy Birthday Si  Love mum

74 happy birthday, happy birthday Si love mum, steve and Leanne

73 Thinking of you and wishing you wa shere too.  mum

72 4 years gone always in my heart and mind, Nick.

71 4 Years today you was taken away from us. love ya, missing ya, always in my thoughts, mum, steve and Leanne

70 20/01/2007 Thining of you lots, missing you sending you lots of kisses love mum.  Mum, Steve and Leanne

69.  4 years on and still missing ya. Mum Steve and Leanne

68. Happy Birthday Simon, Missing you loads and still thinking of you. loads of love, hugs and kisses on your 24th birthday love Natalie, Alex, Danielle and baby bunp shane who is due 26th December.

67 Its Your birthday. Hi Si still missing you like crazy. thinking of you loads, happy birthday for tomorrow, you would be 24 ( mum, steve and leanne)

66 Hi Si missing you, still in my thoughts ( mum)

65 missing you simon, never forget you ( Nicola, conner and shan)

64 3 years later. i love you simon and u are always in my heart and mind, i just wish you had the chance to c my beautiful little girl Danielle who is now 1 year old, love you lots  ( Natalie )

63. love you brother miss you ( Leanne)

62  Still Remembered Si   ( Will )

61 i miss you 20/01/2006  ( nick )

60 20/01/200 Thinking of you lots still wishing you was here, 3 years ago we had to say our goodbyes to you. love you and always in our memories 3 years on (mum, leanne and steve )

59. Merry Xmas Si thinking of you this xmas love you lots and missing you so much  xmas 2005 ( mum and Leanne and Steve
58. Happy birthday kid  ( nick )

57. Happy birthday brother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( leanne )

56 Happy birthday Si love you still missing you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mum)

55. Event though i didn't c u much, i think about you a lot! and i misss you more every day !! lova ya Si xxx ( natalie)

54. 2 years on. today i sit here looking at your photo page of you. this is as near as i can get, remembering you is easy, so wherever you may be i love you xxxx

53. deep in our hearts your memory is kept, we loved you too dearly too ever forget, you shared our lives our smiles our tears (mum)

52. angel of light, angel of dark, how i hold you dear to my heart, to have you as my son was a honour itself.

51. in memory 2 years 20th Jan. taken from us at a early age (20) gone are the days we used to share but in out hearts you are always, the gates of memory will never close we miss you more than anyone ever knows, wth tender love we will never forget,

50. 2 years since you left

49. wishing you was here to enjoy today love you and miss you merry christmas xxxxx ( mum,steve and leanne)

48. happy birthday mate  (nick)

47.happy birthday Si will be thinking of you more today.love you miss you xxxxxxx( mum steve and leanne)
46. thinking about you lots as we should be celebrating your 22nd birthday. love you and missing you loads  xxxxx9mum0

45. still withing my heart and love you as much today as the day you was born. miss you

44. Thinking about you Si  x

43. HIYA Simon still missing u never forget u. samantha missing u loads as well hope to c u soon in heaven love ya loads and loads ( love natalie) xxxxxxx

42. wish you wa shere bcoz i miss u so much especially all da play fights we had i miss them a lot but not as much as i miss u, i fi had the choice i wish it was me dat had died instead of u love u natalie ( natalie cousin)

41. It's a year ago since you left us behind, we still miss you and think of you. I MISS YOU MORE WITH EACH PASSING DAY, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY, SO DEEP IN OUR HEARTS YOU WILL ALWAYS STAY. (MUM)

40. ( mum)

39. ( mum)

38. 16/01/2004 a year ago you fell asleep after hitting that tree ( in memory)

37 It is nearly a year since yo was taken away from us and the year has been really hard not being able to except that you have left us behind, we love and think of you every day, love you forever and a day (mum)

36 still thinking of you Si, even the little things like hiding in the factory. god bless (neil and sally)

35.Merry Christmas Si wherever you be love and missing you

34. Xmas is a family time, sadly you can not be with family and friends, your company will be missed, but we can wish you a merry xmas   god bless.

33. Hiya Si still can't stop thinking especially on your 21st biorthday anyway merry christmas wish you was still here love you loads and loads natalie (natalie walford cousin)

32. 26th November 2003   HAPPY BIRTHDAY 21 TODAY

31. Still thinking of you Si, happy 21st for tomorrow, i will be thinking of you on your birthday, missing you...it's  not the same. xxx (Micki )

30. Happy 21st Si whichever little star you are. the 26th November would have been that day. love you. Leanne sends you a big kiss. xxxxxxxx. Mum, Leanne and Steve.

29 Si i am writting to say that i can't stop thinking about u, i lov u so much even though we did fight loads, luv u  nat xxxxxx (Natalie Walford cousin)

28 Hi Si, can not get you out of my head at the moment, i keep thinking soon it would have been your 21st birthday, but at least i got twenty years with you, poor louise has lost three little girls today.LOVE YOU and wish you was still here.  xxxxxxx  ( Mum )

27. Life is so strange without you, you'll always be missed luv foxy's sister.

26. Hi Si Love you, still feel empty without you, you will always be in my heart  xxxxxxxxz (mum)

25. Si you will alway's be in my heart and never forgotten, i hope you are smiling down on us. luv and c u soon xxxxx  ( Kane )

24. Hi Simon, i can't believe your gone, life is very different and strnage without you and if i could have one wish, i would wish you was here again as i miss u loads and loads luv Natalie  ( Natalie Walford cousin )

23. miss you so much Si.  ( Nick Dyer )

22. I was told as time went by it would get easier but that is not true, i still do not believe you have gone. I really do miss you and wish you would walk in the door with the biggest grin and say missed you but i am back for good. love you  xxx  (mum)

21. I will miss you always and will never forget you, i wish you was still  because life is so difficult without u luv Ashely ( Ashely Laverack)

20. Si u were so close to me, i op u understand, that whereever i go + what eva i do, i will always think of you, i no we had our fights at times, but only  alaugh i no. i will always b here + thinking of u, oh please answer me, do you understand, i ( Natalie. cousin)

19. Hiya Si, I haven't seen you in ages, but anyway i miss you with all my heart! i hope 2 c u soon again. luv u loads  Zoe xxxxxx

18. It's so quite without you Si, we all miss you, take care up there, love to you and all your family  ( Micki)

17.Every day is so hard to egt through since you have gone, you was and alway's will be my best friend and i will never forget you as nothing has been the same, so don't forget me can't wait to see you again, love you and miss you load's, see you soon  (Paul Thackeray)

16. You will alway's be missed!!, everyone will remember you for eternity (Rik!)

15. You Will Alway's be missed and never forgotten, we never knew you that well but miss you each day anyway. Our greatest wishes for your family and friends xxxx (  Sarah, Claire and Michelle )

14.Your Smile, your laughter, your tender touch, if we could have one wish, one dream, we'd turn back the hands of time so we could still have you, i love you and miss you lot's xxxx ( mum)

13. Sadly missed, take care up there and smile on us  (Neil and Sally)

12. Sadly missed, Nice gesture. ( Neil and Sally)

11. Life is so strange without your laughter and cheek, i will always love you and miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Samantha is always asking if you are watching her, she misses you load's.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( Sally)

10. Our thoughts will always be with you. ( Nana and Grandad Snel l)

09. Missing you always, you will never be forgotten. ( Joe and Maz cousin's)

08. Thinking of you always mate ( nick dyer)

07. good night  god bless ( Ryan cousin )

06. Always in our hearts ( auntie Di )

05. You will be missed Si, it's not the same without you, miss the way we would fight and wind each other up, some of the things we got up to. ha those was the day's, luv you always mate x ( Danny Lowery. Brother)

04. You did it Si, you got the last wind up, i will always remember the last time i saw you at brid. ( Steve Smith)

03. I miss you Simon and love you  ( Leanne Smith  sister)

02. To the memory of my youngest son, i will alway's love you and you will never be forgotten. ( Tula Smith  Mum.)

01. God Bless Si. You will alway's be remembered.  ( Will.)