Thursday 15th June  2006  Walk on the Moor's.

Walkers E Smith, W Snell

On Thursday  15th June we decided to do a 11 mile walk on the moor's, below is my account of our walk.

This is where we started our walk at the Chop gate car park, we set off walking at 08.31 and followed the right of way through Westcote Farm and through Crosslett's Farm and then we made out first mistake, we had intended to walk through Raisdale Plantation.

Instead we took the wrong path and went below Raisdale Plantation and passed Stoney Wicks then we went up across Bilsdale West Moor passing the gliding club (NZ 52160 02145) at  approx 10:36, a elevation of 1234ft, approx speed of 2.95 mph.

We continued across Bilsdale West Moor heading down to the cafe on Raisdale road and arrived there at 10:51 ( NZ52405 03000) Elevation of 967ft and approx speed of 2.9 mph, here we stayed and had some breakfast.

We left the cafe at 11:29 and headed up along Cringle Moor along the cleveland way and arrived at the view point on the top at 11:53 ( NZ57465 03325 )Elevation of 1353ft and a average speed of 2.2 mph.

We then followed the Cleveland way heading towards the wain stones on Hasty Bank we arrived at the bottom of Cringle moor elevation of 1104ft and a average speed of 2.5 mph and then began to climb up to the Wain stones and arrived there at  13.07 where we sat and watched this gentlemen set up ropes for the people that was waiting to climb the stones.

Looking across Whingroves and Cold moor.

We then set off at 13:34 retracing the path back down to the bottom arriving there at 13:47 then we followed the path across Whingroves the lower path along Cold moor passing broadfield farm at approx 14:25 and on passing bank house at 14:54 and to the end of our walk back to where we started at the car park at Chop gate. we arrived there at 15:22.  GPS unit had tracked us at doing 11.5 miles in 6hr 51 mins, which included the rest stops of approx 65 mins.

On our drive home we called in at the Sun Inn for a nice refreshing pint of shandy.

Tuesday 08/08/2006

Walkers  E Smith, W Snell

At short notice my uncle and I set off for a walk in our local area, we left my house at 13:50 and proceeded down the main street of Sutton upon Derwent and followed the public footpath at the end of the village along the edge of southwood and then across the fields to the farm track at Sutton Farm, we then followed the track back to sutton farm/hall and across the fields to storwood where we met up with the canal, which we then followed along the towpath to East Cottingwith and proceeded to walk along the roads till we met a farm track which we took towards Ellerton and just before we reached Ellerton we took the track down to the river Derwent which we then followed back to East Cottingwith till we got to the point where the Pocklington canal joins the river Derwent, we then followed the canal around the back of East Cottingwith and then retraced our earlier path along the canal and across to Sutton farm and then along main street back to my house where we arrived at 18:06.

Wednesday 20/09/2006

Walkers  Ern Smith  Will Snell.

We Decided to walk part of the Derwent way from our home village of Sutton upon Derwent to Barmby on the marsh, We set of at 09:10 hours proceeding along Main street out of the village and then taking the farm lane to Sutton farm/hall, we then took up the public footpath acroos to Storwood 09:48  SE 7097/44433 and then followed the the canal bank tp East Cottingwith, 10:18 SE 7039/4267, we then carried on along the public footpath to Ellerton 10:49 SE 7044/4001 and continued on to Aughton SE 7041/387 and on to Bubwith 11:58 SE7123/3653. it is there where we started to follow the river derwent to Breighton 12:42 SE 7068/3409 and then followed the road to Wressle 13:19 SE7089/3133 where we then followed the Derwent past Loftsome bridge 13:38 SE 7058/3007 and on to the end at Barmby on the marsh, 14:16 SE 6907/2862 where it joins the river Ouse.

This is the end of Derwent where it joins the River Ouse at Barmby on the Marsh, the two gates at this side control the flow of the derwent into the Ouse while at the far side is the Lock for boats to pass between the two rivers.

This is the Lock Gate at the Ouse end of the lock.

This is the control room situated on top of the Barrage.

  Ernest Coming back off the top after taking pictures.

Ernest after we had a snack decided to have a lie down and get some fresh air to his feet before we set off on our return journey.

Garmin etrex gps unit said we had done 14.3 miles in five hours and six minutes, we rested while 15:00 hours and then set off back to Sutton upon derwent passing Loftsome bridge at 15:38, Wressle Railway station at 15:58, we then took a slightly different route across to Brieghton following the public footpath instead of the road  arriving there at 16:32, then we arrived at the white swan in Bubwith at 17:40 where we had a cool pint of ornage juice leaving at 18:00 hours, we arrived at Aughton at 18:48 and on to Ellerton arriving there at 19:01 then on to East cottingwith arriving there at 19:33,
We was no walking in the dark and continued on to storwood arriving at 20:05 and then across the fields to Sutton Farm arriving at the farm at 20:22 and then back into our village and arriving back at our start point at 20:49, we did 15.1 miles on our return journey bringing our total distance to 29.4 miles.

Total Time was  11 hours 39 mins
less 1 hour for meal and drink breaks.
actually walking time of 10 hours and 39 minutes, giving us a average walking speed of 2.7mph.

This is the longest walk i have done to date and i have the blisters to prove it. :(

Wednesday  18/04/2007

Walkers Ern Smith, Will Snell

Today we decided to do a walk from Sutton upon Derwent to Stamford Bridge and back making a circular route, We met in the main street at 09:25 at SE 70777/ 46787 and set off north up main street to Derwent Bridge, we then followed the public footpath to Kexby Bridge arriving there at 10:40 SE 70510/ 51085, we then went right along the A1079 to the public footpath at Kexby house SE 70850/ 51405 which we followed the footpath to the lane to Low Catton, we then walked the main street of Low Catton to the public footpath SE 0605/5389, which we then followed to Stamford Bridge arriving there at 11:55 SE 71247/55535.

In Stamford Bridge we decided to have a break and went to Thompson's fish and chip shop which we sat and ate in the battle of stamford bridge (1066) memorial, at the same time we chatted to a few locals,  we had a look in the local shops before we set off on our return journey at 13:15. we walked up Viking road to the junction of Low Catton Lane SE 71200/55215 which we followed to Low Catton and at the t-junction we turned left and followed the road to High Catton, we went through High Catton along the road till we got to the public footpath at SE 71790/52990, which we then followed across the fields to Wilberfoss, on this stretch we had to alter our route along a permissive track which i think the farmer had created rather than walk through the crops,

We then crossed the A1079 and followed the Public footpath across to Carr Lane, turned right up along Bull Balk to high road Newton on Derwent and turned left and proceeded to the public footpath on the farm lane going to St Lois farm and then across the edge of Sutton Wood and then onto the C15 and on across the fields to Whynam Lane which we then took down into Sutton upon Derwent.

Total Miles 15.1 miles, walking time of 06:21  average walking speed of 2.4 mph

Wednesday 25/04/2007

Walkers  Ern Smith, Will Snell

At Short notice Ern rang me and asked if i fancied a 7 miler, so we met at the junction of Whynam lane, at 18:22 and followed the public footpath across to pylon corner on sandhill lane SE 71335 / 47310 , we then followed the C15 to Woodhouse till we arrived at Allerthorpe Wood  SE 71490/47715 and followed the public footpath along the edge of the wood taking us to Thornton road which we followed toward's Thornton to the public footpath SE 75358/46840 which we followed across Thornton Grange and across to the canal behind Melbourne SE 74760/44535.

We then followed the canal to Hagg Bridge on the B1228 SE 71720/45175 and then we turned right along the B1228 and headed to our home village of Sutton upon Derwent, arriving back at our start point at 21:24

Total mile's walked 8.78. total wlaking time of 03:02 average walkign speed of 2.9mph.

Wednesday 09/05/2007

Walkers  Ern Smith, Will Snell

Tonight's walk took us over the river into North Yorkshire, A circular route, we met at the junction of Whynam lane SE 70750/46765 and followed the main road south down to gravel pit farm corner at the end of the village, we then followed the public footpath starting at SE 7049/4595 across to the river Derwent at SE 69500/44535, at this point we had to find a way across the old darren as the bridge that was here in olden days has been removed by local farmers whop say there is no right of way across here to the bridge at Wheldrake. althrough there is plenty of evidence that a bridge did exist at some time, you canstill see the stone supports on the bans where the bridge was. sadly it is a case of english nature and the thw wildlife trust not wanting people walking here and refusing to accept that many people have used this track plenty of time's in the old day's, with it not being defined as a public right of way they will not allow it. big shame really because if would link up the public footpath at sutton upon derwent and the one at wheldrake on the other bank.

After we had crossed the darren we crossed the bridge over the river Derwent and turning right we followed the public footpath which took us to Thorganby road at SE 69445/44860 and turning right again we followed the road towards Wheldrake where we took the public footpath which took us across Mount Pleasant Farm and Cheesecake farm, past Elvington wood and onto church lane, we then followed the piublic footpath from Elvington church down to the river Derwent and up to Derwent bridge, over the bridge to head back to our starting point, we stoped off at the Church yard in Sutton to search for any ancestor's gravestone's.

Total miles walked 5.54  total walking time of 02:47 average walkign speed of 2mph this included the time spent in the church yard.

Wednesday 16/05/2007

Walkers  Ern Smith, Will Snell

For  a walk today we drove to Everingham and parked up on the road side near the church SE 80420/42305. we set off walkign at 10:08 and walked south out of the village to the corner where we took the track SE 80520/41580 following the public footpath to the disused railway line near Holme on Spalding moor SE 81170/39635 arriving there at 10:59 we then turned right and followed the track to the point SE 79375/38860 arriving there at 11:36. i did have to double back at one stage to find my map that had fallen out of my pocket on the track.

We then turned right and tried to follow the public footpath down the farm road and this is where we went slightly off track as there was no sign post's pointing us in the right direction, we should have left the track at SE 79235/39130 and headed across the middle of the field to SE 79645/ 39105, instead we had followed the field boundary at SE 79530/39305 across to SE 79530/39260, so we followed the hedge back southwards to where we should have been and cut across to the farm lane at SE 79655/39200  and then followed the farm track and across the fields to the farm track at SE79010/39695 and continued up the track, we should have turned left at SE 78780/39875 and followed the footpath to Seaton old hall, which we missed because again there was no sign post or any visible signs of a footpath, we realised we had missed it at SE 78610/40005 so decided to follow the hedge back to get us onto the Seaton old hall footpath and arrived at Seaton old hall at 12:28 SE 77810/39605,  we then followed the footpath across Park farm and onto the main road in Seaton ross, time is now 12:50 so we sat and had a snack at the bench on the road side.

At 13:14 we set off again heading into Seaton ross till we arrived at the public footpath at SE 78170/40765 which we took across to SE 77750/ 41220
The first part of this section was really nice to walk,  we then followed the road to the main street and went straight across and walked down the road to SE 78315/41785  where we turned right and then walked to the public footpath which took us across back into Everingham, turned right and followed the main street back to where our car was parked arriving there at 14:24

Total Time was 04:16 minus our snack stop so actually walking time was 03:32, total miles walked was 8.54 but actual walk would be slightly shorter as i had to double back for my map, so i would guess at 7.7 miles

Sunday 02/09/2007

Walkers  Ern Smith, Mick Smith, Su eTaylor-Smith, Sam Smith,Catherine Smith, Neil Smith, Sean Smith, Will Snell. later joined by James Smith.

Today's Walk was a family group walk around Millington Pasture's, we parked up at the car park at Millington wood and started our walk at 15:25 heading out of the wood and turning left along the narrow lane and walked along the road to the public footpath at SE 84420 53095, Elevation of 289ft, we turned right and followed the footpath up to where ot joins the Wolds way at SE 84489 52975, Elevation of 338ft at this point we turned right and followed the Wolds way to SE 83985 51845 Elevation of 608ft where we turned right passing warren farm and heading down into Millington.

Picture taken at SE 83295 51965 Elevation of 261ft as we headed down into the village of Millington.

  Picture taken same place looking down into Millington.

Still on our way down into Millington.

After we entered Millington we followed the road out of the village and continued along the Minster way past little Givendale farm and left the minster way turning right at SE 82320 53330 Elevation of 414ft

Picture taken at SE 82320 53330 where we left the minster way and followed the public footpath back up to the road at SE 82985 53335 Elevation of 630ft.

We turned left at this point and followed the road up to where we met the public footpath SE 83430 54425  and turned right to follow this footpath across Millington Heights and along this path we took the right route at SE 83735 53970 to take us down to the road at SE 83900 53035, it was then just a short walk back to the car park parked in Millington woods ending our walk at 18:07

Total miles walked was 5.38 in a time of 02:43 with a average walking speed of 1.97 mph

Tuesday  18/09/2007

Walker's  Ern Smith, Will Snell

Today we decided to do a walk starting from Pocklington, doing a circuit around Millington and Givendale.

We started our walk at 09:45 at the car park behind the old railway station at Pocklington, we headed through the town to go along the public footpath at SE 80695 49300,  we followed the footpath and went up Chapel hill, this is where we made a slight mistake as we crossed a style which we thought was the public footpath and ended up on the golf course, we we edged round the golf course till we got onto the footpath we should have been and then followed it down the e footpathdge and across the golf course to the road at SE 82100 49815, here we turned left and followed the road till we arrived at the Wolds way at SE 82910 50660 which we then followed past Warrendale plantation and on till we nearly reached Warren farm where at SE 8398051875 we turned left and followed the Minster way footpath down into Millington, arriving at Millington at 11:46 we continued to follow the minster way to Great Givendale where at the church yard we stooped at the benche's there to have some lunch at 12:31

We restarted our walk at 13:09 following the road south till we reached the public footpath sign at SE 80930 53545  which we followed around Grimthorpe manor and along side then through Grimthorpe wood and on till we eached the Mile. Some confusion here for me as when i loaded the track log onto the computer it showed us at SE 80805 50755 and according to memory map the route was at SE 80930 50890 which is quite a way from our log point althrough the gps unit is often withing feet this was quite a few yards, I think the exit from the field may have been altered at some time to fit in with the hedge we had followed on the last bit of the field crossing.

We turned right for afew yards and then turned left and followed the footpath up into and then along the back of Pocklington wood which in turn took us back onto chapel hill where we went back into Pocklington and ended  the navigation by gps as we wnated to call in at a shop then we went to the car park.

Total miles walked was 10.9 up to the shop in a time of 04:26, average walking speed of 2.5mph.

Monday  21/04/2008

Walkers  Ern Smith, Will Snell.

We decided to do a walk off the walk's page of Sutton upon Derwent 's website and picked the 12 mile walk, We drove to Melbourne and parked up in the Melbourne arms car park and started our walk at 13:30.

We walked down the lane at the side of the Melbourne arms down to the canal and crossed swing bridge number 7 and then turned left and walked along the canal bank to swing bridge number 6 where we turned right and followed the public footpath across Thornton grange to the road leading from Allerthorpe wood to Thornton, at reaching this point we turned left and followed the road to the wood then we turned left and followed the public footpath through Allerthorpe Common, across the tank plantation and on to Allerthorpe, we then changed the route which should have taken us down the main road and up to the a1079, instead we walked a little up the back lane to grid ref, SE 78440 47495 and followed the public footpath to the A1079 , we then crossed the 1079 and turn right walking along the sde of the road, then we took a short cut across the end of the old airfield bringing us out on the road to pocklington at grid ref SE7932 4788, we turned left and along the road till we reachedthe public footpath across the side of the old airfield grid ref SE 79410, this took us past the gliding club and across to the edge of the airfield, ( when we got to the edge we noticed that the footpath sign pointed in a different direction to what the map said, only thing we could think of was the route had been diverted for safety reasons) we continued on the footpath to Barnby road turning right towards Pocklington.

My fellow walker then turned right and went through the grammer school as he thought this was thew route but we learnt as we walked through the school that the public footpath wa a few yards further down, on reaching the road we crossed over and proceeded down Cemetery lane and we stopped in the grave yard and had a snack.

We then continued our walk following the public footpath across Devonshire mill and back to the A1079 and then crossed the road to canal head

Lock house present day, this is in fact where my ancestors lived. my great grandfather William Hutchison was the lock keeper for many years. from 1893- 1926.

One of the many swans we saw.
This swan was sat tight on her nest.

Yellow water lilly which grows along the canal banks

We continued along the canal passing silburn lock then Giles bridge, then Sandhill lock and Coates bridge where we sat for five minutes to have a drink, we then continued along the canla passing swing brige number 8 and then Walnut Lock and bridge, then thornton lock and bridge and arriving back at swing bridge 7 where we then crossed and back up the lane to the Melbourne arms arriving there at 18:35, we then had a pint of shandy,

The canal walk is such a lovely walk to do, it was so scenic walking down it, we saw swan's swimming and one sat on her nest. water lilly's on the water edge's and there was also a heron flying about.

Wednesday 07/05/2008

Walkers Ern Smith, Will Snell

Today Ernest and I decided to do the walk we attempted last week but had to cancel because of flooding, we left the middle of main street. Sutton upon Derwent at 13:25 and we walked south out of the village and down the common to Haggg Bridge, where we then went under the bridge and followed the footpath along the canla passing swing bridge numner 2 and on to swing bridge number 1 where we crossed to follow the tow path down to Cottingwith Lock and walked a bit further to where the canal joins the river derwent, we had seen on our travel's a sawn swimming, one on her nest and about 5 herons which took off very quickly so i did not get a chance to get a photo.

The First Swan we saw.

2nd swan sat tight on her nest.

At the junction of the canal and Derwent we saw a dead swan on the far bank at first i thought it was a swan nesting but as we look through binoculars we could  see the swan was dead, we then retraced our step's back to cottingwith lock's and sat there a while also having a drink and a bit of mintcake Ern often carries with him approx 15:18, we then at 15:33 followed our route back to swing bridge number 2 at storwood where we turned left and followed the footpath across to Sutton Farm and then we kept on the farm lane to public footpath at SE 69875 44987 and followed that past southwood and onto the main road at Sutton road and back to our starting point.

Total mile's was 7.98 mile's in a time of 03:59 which included our rest stop's goving us  average speed of 2mph.

Monday 16/02/2009

Walkers Ern Smith, Neil Smith, Will Snell.

Today at short notice we decided to venture out after all the snow of last week to do a little walk on the wold's, there was just 3 of us but it was like 3 generation's of the family, Ern being the eldest, then myself being Ern's nephew and finally Neil who is Ern's grandson.

Not a lot to report on this little jauntm most of the snow had gone there was just some remaining near the top's but not enough to stop us from walking, it was neil's idea to do this walk as he wanted to show us where he had been sledging on saturday and he had aslos spotted a public footpath sign, we made a circular route of it, i did not have my etrex with me but i traced it on navigator when i got home and it worked out abput 3.9 mile's, i had no idea of the time taken .

 Ern with his grandson Neil with the vale of York as a backshot.

Sunday 31/01/2010

My Fist walk since i moved location last September, i was invited to walk along with the Bridlington St John Ambulance, the walk was about 5 miles starting at the public house in rudston, a short cicular walk ending back at the public house.

GPS tracked us at doing 4.97 miles in a time of 02:28 which included the rest stop. the averaee speed was 2.0 mph which considering the icy condition's it wasn't a bad speed.

Wednesday 22/09/2010

Walker Will Snell.

Well when i first moved here i said i was going to walk to flamborough head and back, i was hoping to get to know someone to join me on this walk but sadly that hasn't happened, so today i set off on my own to do the walk.