On Sunday 28th November 2004 while driving home from Bridlington with a Friend, she turned to me and said is that a rainbow up there. i laughed and said you don't get rainbows at night you need the sun, so she then said what's that up there then? i looked up and saw a full bow in the sky, it was Colourless ie just a dull white but it was a very clear bow.

This is a photo of a moonbow which closely matches the one we saw that night, although there was no water about or rocks, just the roads and fields.

On Searching the internet the next day i found out that what we had seen was a moonbow and we was very lucky to have  seen it as they are a very rare event to happen

The conditions are that it must be a bright near to full moon and it must be raining opposite the moon, also the sky must be dark and the moon must be no higher than 42 degress in the sky. Legend has it that those who witness a Moonbow will have special Talents or blissness bestowed upon them for the course of their lives, touching others, making a difference , or simply comfortable with oneself.